We invite you to join us for the Opening of our new season here at the farm. If you are really lucky you might just time your visit to the moment one of our ewes decides to deliver her “spring lambs”. Yes, the sheep here usually do have twins.
We will have plenty of new merchandise for you to look at and you are sure to find a few things you cannot live without!
Our selection of well loved and slightly used boot,(cowboy boots), continues to grow. We keep selling them and we keep finding more!
There are some great little vintage jackets here to try on and see if they suit your taste and style.
Of course, we have many one of a kind items and that means when they are gone they really are GONE! So, if you see something you really like, don’t wait, buy it!
Home and Garden Decor fills both little shops and spills out into the garden.
Plan some time to be able to take it all in when you come. There is a lot to see!

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